Legal Check-Up Program

The Legal Check-Up Program was created in order to provide information regarding legal strategies and protective measures at the earliest time possible rather than at a time when an emergency or problem arises.  The program involves the discussion of the following:

1.  Will Preparation:

This includes a discussion of the benefits and purposes of a will. A will is not simply a device for determining the distribution of property, but also provides a very important means to appoint a guardian and other representatives, especially when there are minor children involved.

2.  Declaration of Homestead: 

This includes an explanation of the importance and protection of the filing of a declaration of homestead. This strategy is very important to protect the equity that exists in your principal residence.

3.  Durable Power of Attorney

This involves a discussion of the importance of having a durable power of attorney. This is very important not only to avoid the need for probate proceedings in some instances, but also as a simple convenience in the event a spouse or family member is unable to transact business or to carry on the day-to-day affairs required.

4.  Health Care Proxy

Having a health care proxy allows you to appoint a representative to make health care decisions for you at critical times when you are unable to do so.

5.  Automobile Insurance Coverage

We will review and discuss the benefits available under your Massachusetts automobile insurance policy.  Our office has prepared an article that discusses the various coverages and benefits in the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy.  It is often advisable to review your current “Coverage Selection Page” to determine whether or not the coverage you have best suits your needs. Our goal is to make you aware of the various levels of coverage and their importance so that you can further discuss your needs with your insurance provider.

6.  Real estate counseling

We will provide counseling and information to determine your real estate needs.  Our office provides information not only with regard to the strategies in purchasing and/or selling a home, but also with regard to identifying the appropriate financing.  We also provide information and assist our clients in determining whether or not refinancing might be in their best interest.  Our office represents many lenders, and we are familiar with the many lending programs and the current interest rates to help assist our clients.

The Law Offices of Donald M. Hadge are pleased to offer a free consultation to further discuss the benefits of the Legal Check-Up Program.