Why Choose Us?

Providing Expert Real Estate Advice
The purchase or sale of real estate is probably the most significant financial commitment you will make during your lifetime. When you have spent considerable time searching for the home that meets your needs, it is important that you complete the process by having knowledgeable legal advice.  Our office has handled real estate closings for more than thirty years. When you need guidance through the maze of terms as well as the various professionals you deal with in a real estate transaction, our law firm will serve as your guide for a worry-free transaction.

We offer an initial free consultation to anyone thinking about buying, selling or refinancing.  It is our belief that we should meet with clients before they begin to look for a home or make the decision to sell their home.  Our office can provide you with the general knowledge necessary to allow you to evaluate all of the factors in a real estate transaction.

Building Strong Relationships with Lenders and Clients
We will provide you with information that will allow you to save money both in your purchase transaction as well as in your financing arrangements. Our office is affiliated with many lenders, and our overall knowledge of the real estate field allows us to make you aware of the most competitive and beneficial financing options, including the following:

  • First-time home-buyer loan programs, such as Massachusetts Housing Loans and Soft-Second Loans
  • FHA, VA and other government loans

The firm maintains excellent relationships with the other professionals involved in real estate transactions, such as engineering firms that prepare mortgage plot plans, title examiners and real estate brokers.  We provide services to a diverse and active clientele who often seek our guidance and recommendations in connection with their financial affairs, including the obtaining  of mortgage financing. The firm’s priorities focus on providing high quality legal services in a prompt, efficient and courteous manner and creating a pleasant and stress-free experience for clients.

Understanding Your Needs as a Buyer or Seller
How can we help you? Below we have listed a number of important factors that apply to both buyers and sellers.


  • Consult with our office to develop a strategy before you look at any property.
  • Know your financing options, get a copy of your credit report and know what the banks and lenders know about you.
  • Learn the importance of negotiating an Offer to Purchase and the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Know the legal aspects of buying at foreclosure sales, short sales, estate property or other distress properties.


  • Learn the importance of negotiating an Offer to Purchase and the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Learn how to estimate your net proceeds of the sale.
  • Learn about the possible tax benefits  in conducting a 1031 Exchange.

When you consult our office at the initial consultation, we will explain to you how the use of our office can save you $300.00 to $450.00 in a real estate purchase.  We urge you to take advantage of our free initial consultation so that we can provide you with the important information you need at the earliest time possible.  We make your interests our number one priority. The decisions that you will make regarding real estate are too important to trust to anyone but an experienced real estate attorney.

Trust us to protect your interests.